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Part Two of this series. Should women be ordained as pastors? What can we learn from history regarding this matter?
Should women be ordained as pastors? This is a sensitive, important subject that can be divisive. What does the Bible say about it?
The Seventh-day Adventist church is now at the crossroads of what may prove to be the biggest crisis of unity and mission in our 150 year history. This crisis is more than a question of women pastors but really a question of how we will read and follow the Bible in the future.
Join Jim Gilley, Danny Shelton, Jay Gallimore, Pastor Stephen Bohr, and Pastor Doug Batchelor as they discuss the issue of Women's Ordination within the SDA church.
Pastor Stephen Bohr analyzes an ancient story from the Bible highlighting key points that offer council and instruction regarding the issue of Women's Ordination.
Caller: I would like to know what the Bible says about women as elders or pastors in a church and the texts that you might have to support those answers.

Pastor Doug: Alright. Before I give you the texts, if you write Amazing Facts, I wrote an article on this issue and there’s, of course, hundreds of scriptures—I can’t give them all to you—if you send for the article, the article is called Unisex and Jesus, Unisex and Jesus. Let me state what I believe the Bible teaches and then I’ll give you some scriptures.
Q. Is the limitation of women ordination biblical or simply cultural?

A. My belief is that this is a biblical principle, not just tied to the time this part of the Bible was written. Some are eager to attack me because this doesn't sound so politically incorrect. Yet this is an important lesson about understanding God's plan for each of us while here on earth.
Caller: Where is this in the Bible that there should not be women preachers who do their sermon in the church, in the pulpit?

Pastor Doug: Where does it say there should not be women preachers?

Caller: Right.

Pastor Doug: Well there are a number of statements, most of them made by the Apostle Paul, that talk about women talking in church and women praying with their heads uncovered. Some of those have been taken to try and support that women should not preach; but I don’t find Paul really saying women should not preach. There’s no statement like that. The Bible does seem to indicate...
Why all the controversy today over the issue of Women's ordination? What does the Bible teach? Women being empowered for ministry is an entirely separate issue from women being ordained as pastors. This sermon delves into this delicate topic exploring in depth what instruction the scriptures give in this area.