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Mrs. White's View
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What then was Mrs. White's view of the ministry of women? Though there are no indications that she called for women to serve as ordained elders or pastors, she presents a broad view of service for women in God's work. She saw women as able to do a great work for Christ in personal contacts, carrying the message for this hour into homes and families. And she recognized and cited important contributions they could make in various leadership responsibilities in the church as well.

For instance, she called for training to be offered for women in our schools. Speaking of Avondale, the newly opened school in Australia, she said, “The Lord designs that the school should also be a place where a training may be gained in women's work.” After enumerating certain domestic and educational training to be included, she added, “They are to be qualified to take any post that may be offered—superintendents, Sabbath School teachers, Bible workers. They must be prepared to teach day schools for children.” 43

She described the important mission women could fulfill: “Wonderful is the mission of the wives and mothers and the younger women workers. If they will, they can exert an influence for good to all around them. By modesty in dress and circumspect deportment, they may bear witness to the truth in its simplicity. They may let their light so shine before all, that others will see their good works and glorify their Father Which is in Heaven. A truly converted woman will exert a powerful transforming influence for good. Connected with her husband, she may aid him in his work, and become the means of encouragement and blessing to him. When the will and way are brought into subjection to the Spirit of God, there is no limit to the good that can be accomplished.” 44

While Mrs. White emphasizes a husband-wife ministry here, single women (“the younger women workers”) are also included. The type of work is not designated, but would surely include the various lines of work that we have noted before. She says that with modesty and propriety, with the will and way brought into subjection to God, women may let their light shine and may exert a limitless influence for good.
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